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The silent treatment or stonewalling

Being totally ignored when spoken too like you are not seen or heard or showing coldness as a means to get someone to behave differently.

Just like manipulation, these are part of the behaviours that are considered psychological abuse. You or someone you love may use these behaviours to display displeasure or to try and control a situation rather than talking about their feelings.

Another name is stone walling. It’s when you or your loved one is trying to resolve an issue by talking calmly or by expressing yourself in safe ways but the stone walling means there is nothing coming back in your direction that is about settling the issue at hand or about making peace where you both feel ok again.

Stonewalling is when you are sure the person has heard you but are also sure you are being ignored. If this is happening to you or you notice you do it to others, it’s an unhealthy behaviour used to cause disharmony and to punish from a perceived offence.

If this is something that concerns you, come in and talk to us.

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