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Mind games

A mind game is where you question what your reality is by what is happening around you in relationship. It also can be called gas lighting. It’s a shape shifting experience that’s hard to grab hold of and the confusion that it causes is a deliberate tactic of control.

Ever had a situation where you had clear memories of what was said and what was agreed to, only to find that agreement is not playing out? When you approach your loved one about it, they have no recollection of events or present to you that you have it wrong. This is a mind game. There is little emotional security in the relationship and you have a powerful sense you are being lied both subtlety and outright.

Mind games can be broken promises, sneaky remarks, and one rule for them and another for you. There is no resolve that ever sticks when you try to reach an understanding about boundaries and rules of engagement.

Mind games keep us guessing but in a way that we feel uncomfortable with and the confusion and frustration is not acknowledged as real by our loved one.

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