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Intimidation in relationships

Intimidation has a sole purpose of taking control and keeping it. Acts of intimidation in family relationships where there seems to be no other forms of abuse happening are still abusive relationships.

We know when we are intimidated when we feel fearful, even if we trust we will not be physically harmed. Feeling fearful can be a response to looks, gestures or actions that are there to create fear, and its abuse.

When things get thrown around the home or the car is driven recklessly to cause fear, it is an act of breaking trust to keep someone compliant to a set of unrealistic and non- agreed to rules in the home. Intimidations in more subtle forms can be simply saying things to scare such as threatening the end of the relationship or threatening to withhold financial agreements, all in the aim to create fear for control.

People in healthy relationships are not afraid of each other, ever. They trust they can go to their partner even when one is frustrated or disappointed without feeling fear in their gut, as the behaviours within the relationship and of each member is safe and sound.

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