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When we first meet someone new or maybe we have known someone for a while, as the relationship deepens, we only want to see the good in the other person. That’s natural and we hope the good feelings last. As someone comes out of a relationship where family harm existed, they can often cast their mind back to the early days and can see orange or red flags that were there all along. They might have been there before any abuse even occurred.

Often these flags can be little things like being checked up on, or their arriving to where you are without agreement, or suddenly having to do everything together. It can be a miss match of how much money each of your spend in the relationship or being asked too many questions about your time away from your partner. At times, being hurt playfully like pinching or tickling way beyond your comfort is a flag. If you notice something that seems minor but it bothers you and you express that to your partner but the behaviour is not modified, it’s a flag of not being listened too or taken seriously.

It can show up in how you disagree about issues too. If you feel unheard and or are unable to hear what your partner is expressing due to your need to always be right or win, it’s a flag to an unhealthy relationship.

If any of this concerns you, come in and talk to us

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