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How to handle home life in COVID 19

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

State of emergency and home life

With the requirement to remain at home unless you are an essential worker, we as families and small communities of people who live together will be just that for a few weeks- together!!

For many, being together without the normal stress of daily life will be a wonderful family time and many treasured memories will be made. For others though, the risk or events of family harm will increase.

This increase may be due to not having the regular outlets for decompressing that are normally used. Working outside the home, sporting hobbies and seeing friends and other family is deeply limited for a while. If you or a loved one relies on these outlets to manage a safer family life, then what else is on offer during these new times?

The people who live under the roof you live under may be able to agree to some rules while its going well.

Have agreed places in the home or garden that can be quiet zones for chilling out. Maybe it’s the mail box on the road. Maybe it’s the laundry or a chair at the back of the property.

Can this be a place you or your loved one can go to get away from it all before it gets too much?

Another agreement could be sticking to a routine that works for all. This way, the days can have times of togetherness and times of alone time.

Play with kids and pets outside to burn off their energy a couple of times a day.

If you feel in danger or that things have escalated, supports are still a phone call away with 111 in an emergency or call us on 027 533 8701 inside business hours to get some advice.

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