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Gas Lighting

Gas lighting

Have you felt confusion at what just happened when life seemed to be going so well? When you had a plan, the plan changed and you got the blame for not remembering it was changing, or blamed for causing the change, yet you have no recollection of discussing it?

Have you missed out on something you wanted to do because a message was not given to you and you got the blame for missing the event?

Have you tried to bring something up in discussion with a loved one and then been told your recollection of the event is incorrect and that actually, it’s you that’s in the wrong?

Have you done something again that’s been done in the past in your relationship yet this time it offended a loved one and they told you off? When you state your case about it being common occurrence, you are told nothing like that has ever happened before….and what were you thinking?

This is all gas lighting. It’s a subtle form of manipulation where you don’t quite know where the solid ground is in your relationship and if you bring things up with your loved one, your memories are represented as wrong and the other person is right then you may feel confused or guilty.

If any of this sounds like something you struggle with, feel free to call us to get some support

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