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Family violence is every mans issue

Men absolutely get harmed by their partners in the home but its women and children who are harmed way more often and way more severely than men. When the whole community takes notice of family harm and awareness about what it is and what it means in a family, change is more likely to happen faster.

When a women or child is hurt in the family, often people will ask why she didn’t leave or protect the children.

If the questions were asked about how come the man hurt his partner or children, it would change how we placed the responsibility of family harm from the victims onto the perpetrator. We know that when men speak up about issues, they are listened to readily and when a lot of men speak up, things can change pretty quickly. That would mean safer families, homes and communities for all of us if men talked to other men about their behaviour and talked to women what’s going on. This can give a sense of solidarity and awareness against family harm.

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