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Events create patterns

Updated: Mar 21

At the extreme end of family harm is a death caused by someone else in the family.

Often these deaths take many people by surprise who may have known the family and the person who committed the murder or manslaughter can be portrayed as somebody who simply snapped one day in an indecent- a single event of abuse that has never occurred before in the relationship.

This however is not a true picture of what has happened. People who kill a family member and people who are killed by a family member live with a series of events that created a pattern of abuse. These events are often mostly hidden from the outside world and when a death happens, it is the result of sustained abuse in acts of power and control or acts of violence being used as resistance to sustained abuse.

One of the key times a women and children is most at risk of being murdered is during the time of ending the relationship and the months that follow and the person who is losing their sense of control over the family is most likely the one who is abusive and reactive.

If you need support to leave a relationship come and talk to use and we can help guide you.

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