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Delta Dawn - Alert Level 4

The country is again in level 4 lockdown. We know from the past lock down that incidents of family violence increase.

Family Safety Services is operating remotely during levels 4 & 3. Our office is closed but we are available to support you via phone and Zoom consultations. Please use the online message system on this website. Please make sure you add your telephone number.

If you are in need if immediate assistance, phone the Police on 111. If you cannot talk openly then also dial 55 so the Police know it is an alert for immediate assistance.

Under Level 4, if you are unsafe you CAN leave your bubble.

Please see the contact numbers listed on this website for contact details of places like the Women's refuge.

When you leave you house please wear a mask. This protects you, your loved ones and our community. Kia Kaha. Stay strong and together we will see this through.

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